Step 5 Worksheet

Step 5 – I admit to God, to myself and to another human being the exact nature of my wrongs.

  • After working through the fourth step questions, what do you realize about your limitations and capabilities?


  • Describe any person who has helped you to see yourself more clearly and objectively in your process of recovery and of life.


  • What qualities would you like to have in a sponsor? How do the people in the list of possible sponsors measure up to these criteria?


  • Write down the names of the most trustworthy people that you know. Do you think that they would be willing or interested in being a sponsor for you?


  • Describe your feelings and expectations about sharing your fifth step with your sponsor.


  • List people that you can think of that you might share your story with. Write whether you think that they are a safe, risky or a bad choice to work your 5th step with:

Person                                              Safe, Risky or Bad choice


  • Describe who you have chosen to be your sponsor and how they reacted when you approached them.


  • Describe what it was like in sharing the fifth step. How did you feel before, after and during the process? Are you glad that you have done this?


  • Describe any celebrations or activities that you have done in honor of completing the fifth step.

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