I Can’t But God Can

I want to share with you an experience I had that involves how God empowers us and guides us in our daily life.

I remember when I had been promoted to an assistant manager position at a previous job. I have only worked there 2 months and by being quickly promoted, it had me both excited and scared.

My confidence level needs much improvement though. In fact, I almost didn’t accept the position because I was really psyching myself out. I was allowing Satan way too much time in my thoughts and almost worked myself into a panic attack. I was questioning whether God really gave me this or was it my own will taking over. Satan had me questioning everything and I was obsessing over it. I was stressed to say the least.

Most of you know my past and the bad choices I have made in my life. My struggle with addiction and years of verbal abuse all play a part in how I feel about myself and my abilities.

I remember the first day running the store by myself. I had a staff of 7 and it was important for me to not only keep everything running smoothly but I also had the strain of having to cut people early due to high labor costs earlier in the week. We have a couple employees who are “high maintenance”. You have to constantly watch them and stay on them to do their job. This alone is very stressful.

As soon as I walked in, there were problems.

Running that store was like a machine. If all the parts aren’t working properly, it quickly falls apart and it can be difficult to recover. So if one employee is lacking, it affects the whole thing. Five minutes after I walked in that day I said softly out loud, “God, you have to help me.”

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” Isaiah 40:31

No matter what problem was put in front of me and needed my attention and/or leadership, I remained calm and focused. I handled things without getting upset or freaking myself out. I was able to solve any problems that came up and from what I could tell, customers appeared happy with the service. The day wasn’t perfect and we did have a few customers who got upset but I was able to resolve any issues and make them happy before they left.
God gets all the credit!

This had nothing to do with me. God was with me totally and it was all Him. Our lives can get so busy that we don’t always realize just how much God does for us on a daily basis. We don’t see just how much God is in control and faithfully loves us and guides us 24 hours at a time.

I encourage all of you to take a few moments today and reflect on how God works in your daily life. Ask Him to reveal the “little things” that we often miss. Remember that by humbling ourselves to Him, He empowers us to do things that we normally couldn’t do if left up to our own will.

Author: Sober Chick

My name is Michele. I am 48 years old, I am a born again Christian, and a recovering alcoholic and addict. I got saved when I was 16 years old. Starting at 17 I tried alcohol for the 1st time and got drunk. At 18 I tried my 1st drug and since then I have been battling addictions my whole adult life. As my classmates were going to college after graduation, I was preparing myself to party. I was a responsible kid, kept a job, paid my car payment on time and built up really good credit. You have to understand something about me....I'm an all or nothing type of person. I would envy my friends who did things in moderation and had the ability to just say no. My story in a nutshell is basically this .....on the outside it appears I have it all together but on the inside I was always "lost". I had to put myself in the gutter before I openly admitted I had a big addiction problem. Now I want to serve the Lord and fulfill His purpose for my life. His purpose is really what I have been chasing all along. Never feeling complete, my footing never steady. What I needed was to surrender the strongholds in my life and let God take over. My hunger for God and His word is stronger than any other craving that comes up. My blog will be mostly just about me, what I am going through, what I'm learning, and how God is working in my life. It will be a tremendous blessing if anything I write can help another person come to Christ and come to know of the amazing and endless love God has for all of us and how he can change us from a life of searching and chasing to giving us a life of peace, joy and purpose.

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